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CControlled Microdermabrasion is a modern technique designed to improve the skin’s regenerative capabilities and better still, control specific skin conditions. Now available at Innovations Beauty Clinic in Stockton, The Carlton Peel Professional works using a “closed system”. This means that crystals flow only when the handpiece is applied to the skin. This ensures absolute safety when using the machine, especially when treating areas close to the eyes. Carlton Peel Professional Microdermabrasion works using a controlled flow of ultra clean aluminium oxide crystals set in motion by vacuum created low pressure.

The crystals are applied to the skin with a special handpiece which allows the controlled and gentle removal of the dead cells from the Stratum Corneum of the Epidermis. The same handpiece removes the used crystals and skin particles in a single process and deposits them in a separate container. Being absolutely inert there is no risk of crystal related side effects. The flow of crystals and the depth of peeling is perfectly controllable.

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