January Offer – Detox Massage

Welcome back and here at Innovations Beauty we would like to wish you all a very happy new year and hope you have enjoyed some well earned time off during the festive period. For so many of us, the Christmas period is a time to rest and recharge whilst spending quality time with family and friends. In addition we tend to eat and drink a little more than usual and with this in mind, today’s post is going to focus upon detox massage, its benefits and how this can help you push forwards positively into January.

So what is a detox massage?

This type of treatment bears huge focus upon muscles, the lymphatic system and the mind. If these three areas are working to the best they possibly can be then it is much easier to get rid of everyday toxins that enter our bodies, usually from food and drink. Involving a deep tissue massage, this treatment gets deep into the core factors mentioned, leaving the body feeling refreshed and healthier whilst your mindset is happier.

Do I need to carry out a food detox alongside the massage?

For absolute optimum results, a detox massage undertaken alongside a carefully chosen diet will offer you fantastic results. That said, this is not a necessity and this particular treatment is ideal at this time of year with results including a strengthened immune system and better circulation. Add to the list ‘less stress’ and you will be able to face January with not only a positive outlook but with an air of relaxation.

Let’s break down the benefits starting with circulation

Circulation can pose problems for so many of us yet it’s an issue that can be helped along with detox massage. During treatment blood begins pumping around the body at a much faster rate. The oxygen and nutrients that are carried quickly turn to energy upon meeting muscles. In addition to these benefits, organs begin to function better also due to the increased circulation.

Tell me about the muscular benefits

Because this is a deep tissue massage, muscles are manipulated through both strength and relaxation. This alternating stimulation is a benefit in itself and results in more efficient bodily processes. Looking after the muscles through this type of manipulation has a positive knock on effect to the lymphatic system.

Christmas is over….. I’ve eaten and drank a little too much – how will a detox massage help me?

It’s not unusual for the liver to require a little added help for recovery at this time of year. Working closely with the lymphatic system, the liver helps rid your body of toxins and the nasties it doesn’t require. Indulging over Christmas and new year means this system and your liver has to work extra hard in ‘getting you back to normal’ and with a detox massage any build up of waste will be eliminated faster.

Throughout the month of January Innovations Beauty are offering you time out to destress and detox with an aromatherapy full body massage for just £29. The treatment makes the most of detoxifying essential oils helping to cleanse the body after an indulgent festive period. Get in touch to book an appointment today!