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Comfort Zone Spa Relaxing Treatments

Comfort Zone Spa: Relaxing Treatments

Are you looking for a relaxing treatment option that targets a wide range of skin concerns? Comfort Zone offers a wide range of facial and body treatments that can be specifically tailored to address any issues you may have with your skin, while nurturing you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

At Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of Comfort Zone treatments from our beauty and skin clinic in Stockton on Tees. Our team has come together to help you find the right facial or body treatment for you – whether you’re looking for a relaxing session with a skilled clinician, or you want to target a specific issue, we’re guaranteed to have a treatment for you! 

What Is Comfort Zone? 

Comfort Zone offers clinically engineered products that are suitable for all skin types. The brand is based in Italy and uses only the highest quality materials to create their products that are suitable for use in facials and on the body. Some of the benefits Comfort Zone offers include: 

Relaxing, Targeted Treatments: Comfort Zone is designed to provide a tranquil experience for clients, providing the ultimate experience while also targeting issues like fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, acne, and more. 

Affordable: The treatments are created with you in mind – for this reason, you’ll never have to pay a hefty cost for these treatments and our team at Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty guarantee budget friendly Comfort Zone treatment options. 

comfort zone facial on freckled skin

Accessible: Comfort Zone is still relatively new but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to find practitioners offering this treatment. At Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty, we cater to Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough, Darlington, and even more locations across the North East. 

For more information on the benefits of Comfort Zone, or to arrange your treatment with the team here at Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty, get in touch with our team now. We’re proud to offer: 

Facial Treatments

Comfort Zone’s facial treatments are designed to be gentle but effective. Suitable for all skin types, you won’t experience a negative reaction, instead being able to give in to relaxation and tranquillity. The facial treatments from Comfort Zone are designed to: 


If you have dry or sensitive skin, you know that facial soreness can be extremely uncomfortable. Comfort Zone facials are designed to moisturise and nourish to soothe irritated skin and address the root cause of the issue. 


By fortifying and nourishing the skin barrier, Comfort Zone protects you from common irritants that could cause a flare up while leaving your skin feeling silky smooth to the touch. For more information about our nourishing Comfort Zone facial treatments, contact us today! 


Comfort Zone facials can address a wide range of skin concerns, whether you want to target your fine lines and wrinkles, acne or scarring, or you simply want to revitalise your skin overall, there is a treatment option for everyone. 

smooth, sculped legs after comfort zone treatment

Body Treatments

Comfort Zone isn’t just limited to facial treatments, the brand also provides products to treat the whole body too. By utilising relaxing massage techniques, we can administer Comfort Zone treatment that offer: 


Using advanced aromatherapeutic techniques, Comfort Zone can deliver you deep relaxation and tranquillity for both your body to target specific areas, and for your mind. Contact Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty for more information! 


By improving the overall elasticity of your skin, Comfort Zone can provide you with firm skin and a redefined silhouette, leaving you looking and feeling great in your own skin. Each treatment is tailored to target your specific requirements. 


The Comfort Zone Body Active range is designed to remineralise and remodel your skin, leaving you looking firm and sculpted without undergoing a drastic surgery. Comfort Zone can also be used in various softening and protecting rituals too! 

Why Choose Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty? 

At Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty, we are proud to offer Comfort Zone treatments to our clients across the North East. When you choose our professional clinicians, you get: 

  • A wide range of treatments to target any issue
  • Experienced team with in-depth knowledge of all treatments
  • Affordable pricing – feel great without breaking the bank
  • Local beauty clinic catering to a wide area

For more information, or for any of our other treatments, including chemical peels, acne treatments, advanced skincare, and more, get in touch with our expert team now! 

Get in Touch With Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty Now! 

To book your Comfort Zone appointment, getting in touch with our team couldn’t be easier, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to fit you in at a time and day that works for you! We look forward to seeing you!