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Lycon Waxing From Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty

If you have been searching for a waxing service in Stockton that uses only the finest resins and natural ingredients that have been lightly scented with aromatherapy oils, look no further than Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty! Our team can offer the renowned Lycon Waxing, perfect for those who prefer natural waxes. Lycon hot wax offers a incredible waxing experience, perfect for all skin types, we highly recommend you giving it a go! We pride ourselves on offering the most current and up to date skincare and Lycon Wax has recently become a sensation in the beauty community. Should you be looking for the best waxing services in Stockton, speak to one of our professional beauty therapists today. You can feel comfortable and confident around our team at Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty Clinic. We are here to make you feel good!

Lycon Wax

What is Lycon Wax? That is the question we get asked the most about this incredible waxing treatment. Lycon Wax is a low temperature formula, designed specifically to grab onto those really stubborn hairs, including ones as short as 1mm! Imagine not having to contend with those pesky little hairs. It has been created with skincare in mind, made with all natural ingredients and infused gently with aromatherapy oils, meaning it is perfect for nourishing and hydrating the skin whilst removing hairs. The best part about Lycon Wax is that because it conditions whilst removing your hairs it lasts for about 8 weeks! Your hair growth will become finer and softer each time, meaning the time between waxes could even be longer, what more could we want!


Lycon wax has taken the beauty industry by storm recently, here at Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty we take pride in being able to offer the most up to date treatments and services within the industry. Here are just a few reasons why we love Lycon Wax;

  • It works at a much lower temperature than standard wax, being less harsh on your skin 
  • Lower wax temperature also means less pain! 
  • The pre-wax oils help stop the wax pulling on the skin
  • It removes hair as short as 1mm, how amazing is that

Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty aims for one goal, that we offer the best services for our clients, by adding Lycon Waxing we are confident we offer the best waxing, perfect for all skin types. We can offer it to you whether you are looking for your bikini area doing, underarms and lip/chin waxes. If you want to come and see what all the fuss is about, give us a call. We will get you booked in for an appointment. You can even take a look at our amazing prices right here. 


The most incredible thing about Lycon Wax is how it was created. In 1978, world renowned beauty therapist Lydia Jordane created the first batch in her kitchen. From then the brand has grown and spread around the world from Australia. 

Using natural resins, beeswax and aromatherapy, she created the crème de la crème of waxes. Perfect for every body type, skin type and waxing service. Our team here at Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty knew that we had to offer this wax as soon as we could. You won’t find a wax that offers the same treatment as Lycon Wax. It can offer you a hair removal option for hairs as short as 1mm, it will nurture, condition and repair your skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth and refreshed.


If you have been searching for a new waxing service, one that will leave you silky smooth, feeling refreshed and confident in your skin, give our team at Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty, we are the only company you should call. Simply give us a call to make an appointment with one of our beauty therapists today. Our team of beauty therapists should be the first people you think of when planning on going for a wax, Lycon Wax is a treatment that shadows the others on the market today. Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty can carry out your Lycon Wax at a time and day that suits you, simply give us a call and speak to one of our friendly therapists today, or book online. We are here to get you summer ready, all year round! We are also experts on many other treatments such as Lava Shell Massage and laser hair removal. Contact our team today!


How long should I grow my hair before my first wax?

As long as your hair is 1mm long, we can give you a Lycon Wax.

I have never had a wax before, should I trim?

NO! Please leave it, trimming the hair can make it difficult to to wax.

What should I do before my Lycon Wax?

Our beauty therapists always recommend giving the area you are getting waxed a gentle exfoliation, this helps clear away dead skin and loosen any trapped/ ingrowing hairs

What shouldn't I do after my Lycon Wax?

Please avoid the sunbeds at all costs, wax is a heat treatment and can burn your skin, even though Lycon Wax is a reduced temperature wax, we recommend avoiding sunbeds for at least 24 hours. Avoid greasy oil based moisturisers and wear loose clothing. We also recommend taking slightly cooler showers rather than your regular hot and steamy ones.

I am pregnant, can I get a wax?

Of course! Lycon Wax is 100% safe to use right up until your due date. Our beauty therapists will do everything we can to make you comfortable and safe during your appointment.