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What Are HD Brows?

What Are HD Brows?

In today’s beauty industry, having perfect eyebrows is more important than ever. From bold and dramatic to natural and subtle, there’s an eyebrow style to suit everyone. And one of the most popular and sought-after eyebrow treatments is HD brows. HD brows aren’t a new treatment by any means and they are extremely popular in the beauty and aesthetics community.

But what exactly are HD brows, and what makes them so special? In this guide, our beauty and aesthetics experts at Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty will explore everything you need to know about HD brows, from what they are, to the benefits of having them done, and everything in between.

Tailored For You!

HD brows is a multi-step eyebrow treatment that is designed to give you the perfectly-formed brows that complement your face shape and enhance your natural beauty. The treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm, and is now one of the most sought-after eyebrow treatments available.

The seven-step HD brows process involves a combination of tinting, waxing, threading, plucking, and the use of a special HD brows formula. Each step of the treatment is performed by a trained HD Brows stylist who has undergone extensive training and is certified in the HD brows technique. 

During the consultation, your HD Brows therapist will take the time to understand your desired look for your eyebrows. They will ask you about your preferred shape, thickness, and colour, and use this information to assess your brows and determine the best shape for your face. The therapist will also take into account your natural brow shape, face shape, and any other factors that may impact the final look of your brows. Each individual is different in their needs, but some of the steps that contribute to HD brows can include:


The tinting step involves using a semi-permanent dye to enhance the natural colour of your eyebrows. This step not only makes your brows appear more vibrant and full, but also makes the hairs look thicker, giving the brows a fuller appearance. The therapist will carefully select the perfect shade of dye to match your hair colour and skin tone, ensuring that the results are natural-looking and enhance your beauty.


During the waxing step, the therapist will use hot wax to remove any excess hair and shape the brows. The therapist will be careful and precise, ensuring that the brows are left with the desired shape and that all excess hair is removed. The therapist will take care to create the perfect shape for your face, based on your desired look and the best shape for your face.

Threading, Tweezing, and Trimming

After waxing, the therapist will use fine thread to remove any remaining hairs and shape the brows further. This step is gentle and precise, and the therapist will use the thread to carefully remove any remaining hairs, leaving the brows with a neat and defined look. The therapist will then trim any long hairs to neaten the brows. This step is performed to ensure that the brows have a tidy appearance and are ready for the next step of the treatment.

Any remaining hairs will then be removed using tweezers. The therapist will use precision and care to remove any hairs that were not removed during the previous steps, ensuring that the brows are left with a clean and well-defined look.


The final step of the HD brows treatment involves the application of the HD brows formula. The therapist will use the special formula to shape and define the brows, giving you the perfect finish. The formula is designed to mimic the look of natural brow hairs, and it gives the brows a subtle, yet noticeable improvement in their appearance. The end result of the HD brows treatment is a perfectly-formed set of eyebrows that complement your face shape and enhance your natural beauty.

Why choose HD Brows?

There are many reasons why HD brows are so popular, but here are just a few of the main benefits:

Customised to suit you: Each HD brows treatment is tailored to the individual, taking into account their face shape, skin tone, hair colour, and personal preferences. This ensures that the end result is a set of eyebrows that are perfectly suited to you.

Long-lasting: Unlike traditional eyebrow treatments, HD brows can last up to four weeks, meaning you won’t have to worry about constantly maintaining your brows.

Natural-looking: The HD brows formula used during the treatment is designed to mimic the look of natural brow hairs, giving you a subtle yet noticeable improvement in the appearance of your brows.

Improves eyebrow growth: As well as shaping and defining your eyebrows, the HD brows treatment can also help to improve the growth of your brows over time, giving you a fuller, more natural look.

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