January 2024

Laser hair removal is a wonderful, modern hair removal method that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. For years, unwanted hair has been removed through painful waxing, time consuming hair removal cream, or tedious shaving, but laser hair removal has revolutionised the way we take care of that unwanted hair.  At Innovations Advanced Skin Care & Beauty, we are pleased to offer medical grade Cynosure laser hair removal to our clients throughout the North East from

Ahh New Year’s Resolutions, they’re a minefield! Make them, break them, feel like a failure. Don’t make them, don’t change. Happily, there is another way, and we’ll take you through it in this blog. When it comes to skincare there are plenty of changes both big and small you can make that will impact your skin in a positive way. Making a realistic plan with your skin pro means you’ll have expert guidance, and we always

You could be forgiven for thinking we’re here to talk about hydrating products to keep your skin moisturised as we hit the cooler months, and we will! First up though, we’re going to look at hydration on a broader level, through the lens of wellness. Our focus on wellness is all about finding ways to improve your skin through healthy lifestyle choices that complement our high-tech, supercharged skincare, so you hit your skin goals sooner and