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Laser Hair Removal

SHR (Super Hair removal) is the latest technology for the elimination of unwanted hair, otherwise known as laser hair removal. Considered one of the safest methods as well as pain free, the SHR treatment gently heats up the target hair follicle causing terminal damage and preventing re-growth. Super fast and efficient, this method of laser hair removal is concluded in a matter of minutes by a trained professional.

What is e-motion?

e-motion represents a breakthrough in the delivery method by sweeping the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area ensuring full coverage whilst simultaneously cooling the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and allowing for a pain-free, yet highly effective and fast permanent hair removal process.

Is It Safe?

SHR laser hair removal has been proven in clinical studies as the safest method of light based hair reduction for all skin types including dark skin whereby melanin is exponentially more sensitive to the heat used in the light based treatments. Hair follicles are damaged by repetitive short and gentle energy pulses. These pulses minimise the risk of burning to the skin, as it is the heat build-up which raises the temperature of dermis to the level needed for preventing hair growth.

Who is it suitable for?

All skin types! Rather than exposing the hair follicle to a single high-energy pulse which can cause trauma to skin with a high melanin court, SHR gradually heats the skin until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle. This makes SHR the safest hair reduction option for dark skinned patients and most effective option for fair hair patients.

What if I am tanned or when summer comes around?

Suitable for tanned skin. SHR affects the melanin of the skin using a unique method, allowing the procedure to be performed anytime of the year as well as on tanned skin.

Is it thorough?

Full coverage rate. During SHR treatment, energy is applied over a large area – not just the region of the hair follicle. The e-motion technique collectively heats up and damages the hair follicles within the large area, ensuring full coverage and dramatically improving treatment times and results.


Patch test & consultation (Redeemable against 1st treatment) £15.00
Lip £25.00
Chin £30.00
Jawline / Cheeks £40.00
Lip & Chin £40.00
Lip, Chin & Jawline £50.00
Between Brows £25.00
Underarm £40.00
Standard Bikini £40.00
High Cut Bikini £50.00
Brazilian £65.00
Hollywood £75.00
Navis Pubis £35.00
Nipples £25.00
Lower Leg £70.00
Upper Leg £85.00
Upper Leg £85.00
Full Leg £110.00
Half Arm to Elbow £50.00
Full Arm £75.00
Chest £75.00
Shoulders £75.00
Full Back £110.00
Abdomen £75.00
Abs & Chest £110.00
Male Beard £70.00
Hands & Fingers £30.00
Feet & Toes £30.00