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Life can take its toll on our skin, partying in our youth, spending time outdoors and in the sun, enjoying rich foods and alcohol and in general the environment we live in. Over time you may notice this impact more and more, and possibly wish you had done more to protect your skin. Everybody deserves to be happy and comfortable in their skin, so our team at Innovations is here to get you on the right path. It’s never too late. 

Taking proper care of your skin might seem daunting, especially with the endless products available on the market today. Instagram, celebrity endorsements and MLM companies are saturating the market. But now you have discovered a local skin clinic you can trust, a customised plan can be created consisting of in-clinic skin consultations followed by customised beauty treatments.

In this blog post, we will explore why a visit to your local skin clinic can transform your skin and have you leave feeling the best version of yourself. We promise starting your journey with our skin clinic and beauty room will help you identify your skin concerns, giving you confidence, a glow, and a fully refreshed appearance.


Our Trained Skin Therapists Harbour Great Knowledge

When you walk through our skin clinic doors you will be greeted by our reception team, who can assist you in booking the correct treatment for your concerns. 

In your treatment, our skin specialists will take it from there with their extensive knowledge and understanding of your skin and what it needs. Skin is our passion, and our therapists are equipped with education in the latest technologies and treatments, how to create the right skincare routines at home and how to treat common, and less common, skin conditions.

The knowledge that your beautician possesses will be precious to you. They will be able to advise you of the safest and most effective bespoke treatment plan for your skin type and discuss any concerns with you discreetly and confidentially in your one-to-one skin consultation. During this process your therapist will remove any makeup and get up close and personal with your skin, we have a hands-on approach and will touch and feel the skin. Following through with the perfect homecare routine using medical-grade, scientifically proven AlumierMD products.

Now you have found a clinic with a knowledgeable team who can genuinely transform your skin; if you see your skin specialist regularly, and commit to the plan, results are guaranteed.

Experience Goes A Long Way

The practitioners here at Innovations have helped our clients achieve their dream skin. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands – proof can be seen in our reviews.

Whether you need one of our team to refine the scarring from an acne breakout, relieve your rosacea or reduce pigmentation, the experience we have gained over the last several years is second to none. All our therapists have perfected their skills to provide our clients with the best treatments possible. 

The treatments we offer are designed to improve not only the appearance of your skin but also its health. We want to make sure that you look good and feel good too.


Technological Progression Through Beauty

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving, and we make sure that we are at the forefront of those changes. We offer the latest in technological advances when it comes to our treatments. This means that you can be sure you’re getting the best possible care.

Using state of the art equipment, we can offer clients services such as DermaLux medical grade LED light therapy treatments, AlumierMD medical-grade chemical peels, FDA approved SkinPen Micro-Needling and much more. 

The technological advancements in beauty therapies have developed so much over the last several years, allowing our team to get up close and personal with your skin. Still, because of this advancement, we can provide you with services and treatments that will leave your skin in its optimum health!

Beauticians Will Be Honest With You

Visiting a registered skin clinic and practitioners means you can be comfortable knowing the therapist you see will only have your best interests at heart.  We will give you an honest opinion on your skin concerns and the best way to treat them. We believe it is important to help you manage your expectations – filters don’t follow us around in real life.

This can be incredibly valuable, as many of us often do not know how to deal with our skin issues, or we may be using the wrong products for our skin type – time to say goodbye to cult products recommended to you by friends and the internet. Honesty is always the best policy.

Here at Innovations Advanced Skincare And Beauty, we only offer our clients the highest quality treatments and believe education is the best thing we can give you to walk out the door with.


Our Therapists Can Help You Relax

If you struggle to relax or have a lot of tension in your face, visiting a beauty therapist for regular holistic facial treatments can help you release that tension. Our Elemis facials feel fantastic and do wonders for your skin, mind and well-being! If you have never had a professional facial before, you will be amazed at the overall result. Pure luxury!

Our spa floor is the ultimate VIP area and that’s exactly how you’ll feel – you’re a VIP here at Innovations! 

We challenge you to stay awake on our heated, memory foam beds surrounded by meditation music and spa mood lighting. Our team are here to make you feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

Seeing your local therapist might seem like a luxury, but in times of the 40+ hour work week, stress, and anxiety – it is a necessity; allow us to help remove any toxins from your skin and relax your muscles through holistic therapies. We promise you will leave us feeling like a whole new person.


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Innovations Skin Clinic is the diamond of Stockton high street for all things beauty, skin, and wellness. We offer a wide range of services, including facialsmassages, manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc. We also offer a range of packages so you can enjoy a full day of pampering.

Our team of experienced therapists provide every client with the 5* service you’d expect. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Looking for a skin clinic in Stockton that offers exceptional service and excellent results, look no further than Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty. 

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